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Privacy Statement

Our privacy protection policy regarding client data in accordance with European Data Protection Legislation (DSGVO)

Use: Client and contact data gathered in accordance with the respective person, agent or company, amended on opportunity and updated in due course will be used exclusively for our own business administration and communication with clients and contacts. Their type and scope are defined by relevance for a particular service, communication with clients and contacts  and business administration. Non-provision of data by clients may result in communication deficits and administrative failure to pursue the relevant business objectives. Client and contact data may be communicated for specific and limited use and in agreement with the respective person, agent or company only, for instance to organize service performed by a business partner or subcontractor. Client and contact data provided by an external contractor will be stored and processed in accordance with the same standards and also with standards set by the respective contractor. For client and contact data provided by an external contractor and processed on platforms provided by that contractor this same contractor is responsible for the maintenance of appropriate standards of data protection. Client will be asked for consent if any data will be processed outside the European Economic Union. 
We use anonymized and aggregated information that GOOGLE Analytics provides us about the users of our website. For this purpose, GOOGLE uses Cookies that are stored on the user's computer. This storage is announced prior to become effective, and the user may conradict with a mouse click. Our phone is based on VOIP technology. Call numbers are stored in our router for 90 days and are saved by the 1&1 phone company. If we lock out numbers, those number will be kept to prevent further calls.
Legal basis: Client and contact data are used and communicated in accordance with § 28,1 of Bundesdatenschutzgesetz and Art. 2 and 6 of EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.
Purpose: Client and contact data are used solely to pursue the objectives of a specific business agreement or for business communication. They will not be forwarded to any outside person, agent or company not involved in the contract. 
Duration of use: Client data will be will be used during the service in process and stored until the end of the contractual warranty period. We retain alll data required under commercial and tax law for the periods specified by law, usually ten years (see § 257 HGB, § 147 AO), to be completely deleted by the last day of December of the tenth year. Data processed for the implementation of pre-contractual measures will be deleted two years after the measures have been carried out and no obvious conclusion has been reached. General contact data will be stored as long as the contact is of importance to the business and archived no longer than two years after cessation of contact, to be completely deleted by the last day of December of the third year. Client data relevant to tax purposes will be maintained in agreement with German tax law.
Rights: Clients and contacts have the right to demand information so as to their individual data, e-mail correspondence and documents at any time. Clients and contacts may request retrieval and deletion of any or all of their personal data in due time if deletion is not in conflict with information duties defined by German law. If data relevant to a particular service in process are to be deleted, cancellation of the service will ensue at the cost of the client. Complaints may be addressed to the Hessian data protection officer, Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 1, 65189 Wiesbaden.  
Responsable: Dr. Ingeborg Cleve may be held responsible for the rightful administration of all personal data. She may be contacted by e-mail or by postal letter to address provided above. 


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