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Links & documents relevant to your move experience

Some advice on how to find the best value for money for your move: May save you money and protect you from incurring extra costs

How to find the best mover
A guideline for comparing move quotes
COM mover comparison.pdf
PDF-Dokument [51.5 KB]

Find out how late it is at your move destination.

Will the plugs of my electric appliances fit? And what about the voltage?

Electric power around the world
PDF-Dokument [162.4 KB]
Plugs around the world
World Electric Guide1.pdf
PDF-Dokument [305.6 KB]

Take some time out and travel aboard a container vessel.

A wonderful bookshop on the Île St. Louis in Paris, specializing in travel literature. In the attached Cargo Club, travel authors share their travel experience with their readers.

With Bookcrossing, books may move on their own. Catch & let go!

Blogging about moving & expat experience. In German. Funny & grim at the same time.

If you want to travel in Germany, here's the best information on interesting tours & sites

Two clubs that you may start your social life in Frankfurt RheinMain in:


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