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Dr. Ingeborg CleveMove Consultant +49 611 696 67 33cleve@comoving.de 


Moving a household requires careful planning and execution in order to make sure the transport runs smoothly, every item remaining intact, arriving on time and being put up in the right place.


In international and overseas moves, numerous actors: packers, trucking companies, shipping agents, port agents, customs brokers and so on must be co-ordinated across countries and continents to achieve this smoothness and to keep moving costs under control.


I'm connected and ready to make your move a smooth one, whether its a local move in Wiesbaden, moving within Frankfurt RheinMain, moving into this metropolitan area or from there to any destination worldwide.


Ingeborg Cleve


- Move Surveys

A smooth move begins with a concise survey of household goods and personal effects, establishing the factual bases, i.e. the total volume, services required, conditions at origin and destination, setting up of a precise report. My record counts almost one thousand surveys.


- Moving Assistance

During a survey, I am ready to explain all aspects of the relocation process upon client's requests, a process beset by imperatives of efficiency on the one hand and of anxieties and strains on the other.

Based on the survey results, I can propose moving companies best suited for a particular move, with competitive rates. This makes it easy for private clients as swell as for HR to calculate moving costs.


- Move Analysis

I write free-lance about all aspects of the moving process: how is it carried on? What may go wrong?

About me

Dr. Ingeborg Cleve

Historian and

Move Consultant

I am both, in that sequence, as engaged in planning and logistics of international moves as I have been in reading, writing and teaching modern history.


I have been co-operating with MTL for the last seven years, a move company specializing in private moves as well as office moves and company moves in the Frankfurt RheinMain area. I am acting as an independent agent for their inter-national moving business, based on quality-certified infrastructure, well co-ordinated crews, climate-controlled warehouse, efficient  backoffice.


My experiences gained in the move business are reflected in various journal articles, in part analyzing aspects like, for instance, move costs from a professional perspective, in part reflecting upon expat clients' experience & lifestyle.


These reflections tie in with my historical research on aspects of modernization. I conceive my clients as both pushing forward and being driven by globali-zation, and I am asking myself which kind of household items would suit their mobile lifestyle best, thus reaching back to concepts of eductaion in taste, the long roots of which. as I was able to detect, reach back to the beginnings of modern society. Expat experience confirms the actual relevance of this aethetic education.




Ongoing moves & projects


Organizing a household move from Wiesbaden to Shanghai


Getting personal effects by air from Tennessee to Wiesbaden


Ship a lift van with inherited personal effects to Detroit, MI


Shipping a container with inherited furniture from Rüsselsheim to Haifa


Moving a family from Buenos Aires to Stuttgart


Shipping a container with inherited furniture from Frankfurt to Atlanta


Moving household goods from our storage to Long Island


Planning a household goods move including car from Wiesbaden to Chicago metropolitan area


Supervising an expat move from Frankfurt into our storage facility to be transported to London later upon request


Booking a move from Diyabakir/Turkey into our warehouse and ship part of it on to Abuja/Nigeria by air


Building up a partnership between MTL and a US moving agency to ship small moves (max. 2 cbm) between the US and Germany


Calculating rates for an automated quoting system for destination rates into Germany


Negotiating a contract with an internet portal for overseas and international moves


& more surveys, quotes and contracts piling on my desk ...





There's a rough side to relocation: Forced migration.

Most refugees arrive with nothing but their stories. Listen to just one of those, and you'll know why you should and how you could assist a motivated migrant settle among us and become part of your social cloud and our society.


So very glad to have met you, Majed. Thank you for your story.



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